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Hanbury Manor is an established upscale resort hotel located just north of London in Hertfordshire.

It is recognised as being one of the UK’s premier golf and leisure resorts and is situated in a traditional and idyllic parkland setting.

SMC formed part of a multi-disciplined team, led by Braemar Golf from St Andrews in Scotland,  that undertook a strategic review of the business for the owners of the property.

Our work focused on the main spa & leisure offer and how this integrates with the other components of the business such at the golf and hotel operation.

As part of this exercise, we provided benchmarking data on other prominent and comparable/ competitive destinations, that was used to validate our various proposals.

We undertook an in-depth review of the existing operation and consequently prepared a set of short, medium and longer term solutions as part of a wider business improvement and re-development strategy for the business.